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Lycoming O235, O320, O360  Magneto Adapter, Spacer, PN 61666

Current Price:42.50 USD
Ends:June 24, 2018, 16:34 UTC
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Lycoming O235, O320, O360  Magneto Adapter, Spacer, PN 61666. Price is per one.

We offer money back for any returns for any reason. In that the buyer can't do anything more than view a photo and ask a few questions, it's only right to offer that policy. Please don't hesitate to ask any questions or make us aware of any item we may have identified incorrectly. We are happy to resolve any issue with your order, please contact us. 

In 1922, Ivan Gates organized the Gates Flying Circus. It was considered the grand daddy of all flying air shows. Made up of mostly WWI ex-military flyers, it captivated crowds with daredevil flight performances, wing walking and parachuting demonstrations.  

My Grandfather began his aviation career barnstorming in a $250 war surplus Jenny and then later flying for Gates Flying Circus. Orville Wright signed his license, license number 1000. My father came along at a time my grandfather was buying surplus PT19s and Stearmans for a few hundred dollars. My father continued the passion for flying and owned several aircraft over the years. My brother flew for Cole Palen's Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome. In his last few days, my father's eyes twinkled when I brought some flying magazines to his bedside. In honor of my dad, I'm continuing our aviation heritage.

Airworthiness of items sold by this seller to be determined by Buyer and/or Buyer's Faa Approved Mechanic, Buyer's Faa Certified Repair Station.

Lycoming O235, O320, O360  Magneto Adapter, Spacer, PN 61666

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