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Piper Freedom of Flight Aircraft Logo,Decals/Sticker!

Current Price:18.95 USD
Ends:October 19, 2018, 20:49 UTC
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(Freedom of flight)

6''h x 9.5''w!

Price is for 2 Decals/Vinyl Sticker!

(Size can be easily reduced or enlarged to your specifications)

NEED ANOTHER MANUAL?  WE have many over 8,000 aircraft manuals and many more aircraft Vinyl Graphics.  If you don't see what you need, CONTACT US!

All my products are shipped from the Philippines (where I live), 

shipping to the USA takes 12 days to 4 weeks from when I put it in the mail box.  

Most times i ship in a day or 2, almost never over 3 business days. 

 Expect delivery 3-4 weeks after payment.  I have no control over transit time. 

No paypal account needed to purchase with credit card. 

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Choice of Color


Oracal 810S Paint Stencil!


 Authentic size, they are easy to place, and removal does not hurt paint. Background is clear. 

These stickers are precision cut by a specially programmed computer and have no clear background.

Many other decals can be produced cheaply but the clear background tends to yellow,

 rendering unsightly over time. I'll include instructions for accurate placing. 


Replace worn or damaged stickers on your airplane. 

Great for car and hanger windows, bumpers, tool boxes and just about anywhere! 

Easily removed later with no damage to your paint or window! Special orders no problem!


Combine Shipping Discounts Apply!


Would look great on your

Model name First flight Number built Type

J-2 Cub 1936 1207 Single-engined high-wing cabin monoplane 
J-3 Cub 1938 19,888 Single-engined high-wing cabin monoplane 
J-4 Cub Coupe 1939 1251 Single-engined high-wing cabin monoplane 
J-5 Cub Cruiser 1940 1507 Single-engined high-wing cabin monoplane 
P-1 Applegate Duck 1940 1 Amphibian 
P-2 Cub 1941 1 Single-engined high-wing cabin monoplane 
P-3 1939 1 Single-engined high-wing cabin monoplane, also known as J-4RX 
P-4 Cub 1941 1 Single-engined high-wing cabin monoplane 
P-5 1944 1 Single-engined high-wing cabin monoplane, also known as J-3X 
PT-1 Trainer 1942 1 Two-seats in tandem, low-wing monoplane 
PWA-1 Skycoupe 1943 1 Two seat low wing twin-boom monoplane, later became PA-7 
PWA-8 Cub Cycle 1944 1 Single seat, mid-wing single-engine monoplane 
PA-6 Sky Sedan 1945 2 Four seat, low-wing retractable gear monoplane 
PA-7 Skycoupe 1944 1 Two seat low wing twin-boom monoplane, was PWA-1, 
PA-8 Skycycle 1945 2 Single seat, mid-wing single-engine monoplane 
PA-9 1945 None Single-engined high-wing observation and liaison 
PA-10 1946 None Single-engined low-wing side-by-side two-seater 
PA-11 Cub Special 1947 1541 Single-engined high-wing cabin monoplane 
PA-12 Super Cruiser 1946 3760 Single-engined high-wing cabin monoplane 
PA-13 - none Designation not used 
PA-14 Family Cruiser 1948 238 Single-engined high-wing cabin monoplane 
PA-15 Vagabond 1948 387 Side-by-side two-seat high-wing 
PA-16 Clipper 1949 736 Four-seat version of the PA-15 
PA-17 Vagabond 1948 214 Dual-control variant of the PA-15 
PA-18 Super Cub 1950 10,222 Single-engined high-wing cabin monoplane 
PA-19 Super Cub 1949 3 Military variant of the PA-18 
PA-20 Pacer 1950 1120 Re-designed PA-16 
PA-21 1949 None Production version of the Bauman Brigadier 
PA-22 Tri-Pacer 1951 9490 Updated version of the PA-20 with nose wheel 
PA-23 Apache 1954 2047 Twin-engined low-wing cabin monoplane 
PA-24 Comanche 1958 4717 Single-engine four-seat low-wing cabin monoplane 
PA-24-400 Comanche 1964 148 Re-engined PA-24 development 
PA-25 Pawnee 1959 5167 Single-engined agricultural monoplane 
PA-26  None High-powered version of the PA-24 
PA-27 Aztec 1960 4929 Improved version of the PA-23, kept PA-23 designation 
PA-28 Cherokee 1961 10,896 Single-engined low-wing cabin monoplane 
PA-28-140 Cherokee 1964 10,089 Two-seat training variant 
PA-28 Warrior 1974 4842 Improved PA-28 
PA-28-235 Cherokee/Dakota 1964 2913 Improved PA-28 
PA-28R Arrow 1967 6694 Improved PA-28 
PA-28R-300 Pillan 1982 2 plus kits for Chile Two-seat military trainer 
PA-29 Papoose 1956 None Enlarged PA-23 
PA-30 Twin Comanche 1963 2001 Twin-engined low wing cabin monoplane 
PA-31 Navajo 1967 1785 Twin-engined low wing cabin monoplane 
PA-31-350 Chieftain 1973 1825 Stretched Navajo 
PA-31P Navajo / Mojave 1970 309 Pressurized Navajo 
PA-31T Cheyenne 1974 847 Turboprop powered Navajo 
PA-32 Cherokee Six 1966 4373 Six-seat Cherokee 
PA-32R Lance/Saratoga 1976 2721 Retractable landing gear variant of the PA-32 
PA-33 Comanche 1966 1 Pressurized Comanche 
PA-34 Seneca 1972 4354 Twin-engine low-wing cabin monoplane 

PA-35 Pocono 1968 1 Twin-engined pressurized commuter airliner 
PA-36 Pawnee Brave 1973 938 Single-engined agricultural monoplane 
PA-37 1960s None Twin engined PA-33 
PA-38 Tomahawk 1978 2519 Two seat basic trainer 
PA-39 Twin Comanche C/R 1970 155 Improved PA-30 
PA-40 Arapaho 1973 3 built,
5 not completed PA-30 replacement 
PA-41P 1974 1 Pressurized Aztec 
Piper PA-42 Cheyenne 1980 175 T-tail pressurized twin 
PA-43 1979 None Piston-engined PA-42 
PA-44 Seminole 1979 469 Twin-engined Arrow 
PA-45 1970s None Six-seat T-tailed aircraft family 
PA-46 Malibu 1984 344 Six-seat pressurized single 
PA-47 Piperjet 2008 1 prototype only seating for 6 or 7 based on configuration 
PA-48 Enforcer 1971 4 prototypes Single seat counter-insurgency aircraft
based on the Cavalier Mustang/P-51 Mustang 
PA-60 Aerostar 1967 1010 Six-seat pressurized twin,
Piper purchased the design from Ted R. Smith 
PiperSport 2010 40 Two seat light-sport aircraft
Piper markets the aircraft produced by Czech Sport Aircraft - previously known as the SportCruiser 

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 Thank you for looking!!!

                                          Stickers are customs made to order so no returns
Piper Freedom of Flight Aircraft Logo,Decals/Sticker!

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