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Continental Motors TCM IO-550 Baffle Support P/N 643359

Current Price:40.00 USD
Ends:March 2, 2019, 3:33 UTC
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Was removed from IO-550G S/N 679087. This engine was manufactured 09-27-1994 and shipped to Rushmeyer Aircraft in Germany. It was never installed in an aircraft and stayed in its crate in a preserved state as shipped by TCM. In 2010 it was shipped back to the U.S. and stored in my hangar. 

Recently I started converting the engine to electronic fuel injection and ignition for installation in my Lancair IV. I'm selling the parts I don't need. All items are in like new condition since the engine was run for only 65 minutes during the TCM factory verification run, and the engine was stored with plenty desiccant in its crate.

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Continental Motors TCM IO-550 Baffle Support P/N 643359

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